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We are based out of the 15th Ave neighorhood in Seattle's Capitol Hill District.

We send our love and concern to the families and loved ones of those whose lives have been lost in the occupation.

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We are a small team of marketing, communication and learning specialists whose aim is to apply our marketing and communication expertise to help prevent the draft.

Draftfreedom.org is the center point for what will become a series of campaigns that will each speak to a different part of American society. Our guiding principles are to:

  • Speak to where people are at currently, and to not be limited to just speaking to the choir
  • Open up reasonable discussions based on the American values of liberty and freedom
  • Build organizational and communication capacity of already existing organizations opposed to the American occupation of Iraq

We are currently organizing two campaigns. One campaign will speak to the young men ages 16-25 who may soon face the draft. The other campaign will speak to the current and past mothers of teenage sons. As our work continues, we will speak to young women who may be facing the first draft to include women, people of color who are most affected by the poverty draft, and other communities adversely affected by the American occupation of Iraq.

Campaigns will include the following:

  • Leadership and communication skills development programs for existing organizations, focusing on effective discourse framing and reaching those not already committed to your message
  • Media campaigns to draw attention to draft freedom issues and ideas
  • Graphic design and messaging development for already existing organizers and organizations
  • Information and educational programs for those most affected by occupation policy
  • Efforts to convey the human suffering experienced by Iraqis and others caught in the conflict, not just the Americans harmed by the occupation policy

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Project lead Tom Kertes

Draftfreedom.org is focused on shifting the discussion of the war in Iraq from logistical failure to moral failure.
No American - not drafted, not enlisted - should be forced to fight for an illegal and immoral war.
The return of the youth draft would represent a colossal moral failure on the part of the current administration.