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Welcome DailyKos Visitors & Friends... is a grassroots campaign. Over 400 hours have been donated by a small team of committed marketing and communication professionals.

We prefer to keep this way: Focused on the message that war involves moral choices and that all Americans have the right of moral refusal from participation in an illegal war. Soldiers who are asked to carry out the agenda of the neoconservative Republicans are the victims of this war. No American should be forced to fight for an illegal war. is about more than opposing the draft:

  • It's about changing the conversation from one of logistical failure to one of moral failure.
  • The logistical failures of this war make the moral failures more tragic.
  • Americans are a moral people. The way to gain support for deescalating of this war, and a return to normalcy in our international agenda, is by talking to Americans about the moral and human costs of wars of aggression. projects include:

The only way that we will get our message out to tens of thousands of Americans is through your support.

Download and email one (or several) of the photos below.

Send it to 100 of your friends, and ask them to do likewise.

These photos not only tell the story of the war, but do so in a moral framework.

Please also consider linking to your blog or web page.
(news and information on fight against the draft on moral grounds)

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If only 2% of those expected to read this message on respond by sending the email to 100 friends, and if only 2% of those who get the email continue the chain by forwarding the photos to another 100 friends, in five steps we will have reached 75,000 people. (Don't have 100 people to send to? Send to as many as you do. So long as 2% forward your message on, we'll still reach our goal of 75,000.)

This is the only way we can get the message out without a lot of money for advertising. When we do start fundraising, we'd rather the money go towards legal aid, counseling, direct action against poverty recruitment and leadership development projects.

In just over a month, we've already reached thousands of people, thanks to Daily Kos. We'd like to turn that into hundreds of thousands.

When you send the photo, be sure to include a personal statement for what the photo means to you. And be sure to make a direct request that the email be forwarded to 100 more people. This is how we'll work around the SCLM and the neoconservative Republicans who want to hide the true costs of war from the American people.

Thank you,

Project Lead

Sample letter:

The true costs of this war are being kept secret to most Americans. And it's no wonder - because Americans are a moral people. If the true costs were known, there would be a quick return to peace and normalcy. The occupation would end in a responsible way, with a quick (but careful and humane) withdrawal of US forces as security was handed over to international and Iraqi forces with US support.

I have sent these photos to 100 of my friends because I want the true cost of war to get out to as many Americans as is possible. Please pass these photos to 100 more people, so we can start a chain of truth.

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No American - not drafted, not enlisted - should be forced to fight for an illegal and immoral war.

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